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The simplicity of straight lines

Design Gives Spirit to Brand

Design is not just about shapes, lines or decoration. It is about instilling soul into a brand and making customers
have passion for a product. The ultimate goal of Kia's design is to find complete, pure and unprecedented design
that can define the brand of Kia. To this end, Kia will interact more with people, or customers,
across the world based on more extensive understanding of different markets, technologies and
society to make its brand more exciting and fun.

The Simplicity of the Straight Line

Design Direction
The simplicity of straight lines are one of the core factors of Kia's design philosophy.
Straight lines represent clear, precise and distinctive, all of which are fully reflected in the attitude
and process by which Kia works on design and, ultimately, substantiated into final deliverable.
Kia's design focuses on attaining long term loyalty from customers with non-complex, simplistic structure,
delicate details of interior and exterior and unique experiences that can hardly be found in any other car.

Kia Family Face

Design Features
Kia created a visual symbol as powerful as its brand logo. The signature grill, headlamps and brand logo form a unique and consistent family look through varying arrangement and combinations.
The family look has evolved solidly since it was first unveiled and is now spread widely enough for people
to recognize the brand from a distance or in the dark.
The family look also helps form emotional ties between the product and customers,
raising brand awareness even further.