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A captivating class-leader

A captivating class-leader

While boasting the largest dimensions in its segment, Kia Quoris is the next step in Kia’s dynamic and innovative design legacy with its charismatic front mask and sophisticated curves and surfaces

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    Aurora Black Pearl Formal Deep Blue Mienral Silver Platinum Graphite Snow White Pearl Titanium Brown

    Aurora Black Pearl

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    Stirring the senses with futuristic appeal

    Stirring the senses with futuristic appeal

    Kia Quoris is a game-changing luxury sedan that pushes the horizons of its segment. Passionate attention has been paid to the finer details including innovative, high-tech touches that enhance both Kia Quoris’ functionality and aesthetic allure.
    Proportions that define luxury

    Proportions that define luxury

    For a premium sedan, beauty lies in the proportions. A long sweeping shoulder and extended rear overhang combine to give Kia Quoris a robust stance and aura of power and dignity.
    Elegant and modern simplicity at its best

    Elegant and modern simplicity at its best

    A sleek and aerodynamic side silhouette is accentuated by a simple yet confident side character line to give Kia Quoris a feeling of spaciousness while emphasizing its performance-driven design.


    A perfect harmony of classic luxury and modern technology


    ASCC (Advanced Smart Cruise Control)

    A radar sensor at the front of the car monitors the gap between the vehicle ahead. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain a pre-determined ‘safe’ distance and will even bring the vehicle to a complete HUD (Head-Up Display) A variety of information including current speed, navigation stop, if necessary. The system will initiate take-off when car ahead moves on.


    Advanced rear-wheel drive powertrain

    Kia Quoris features an all-new rear-wheel drive platform akin to those used by world-class luxury carmakers, signaling in a new era of performance for the Kia brand. Be prepared for an unexpected level of dynamic power and control.


    Intelligent active safety for peace of mind

    Innovative state-of-the-art safety systems based on advanced radar and sensor technology help prevent accidents by warning and assisting you in hazardous driving situations. In some instances, they act autonomously to let you focus on the pure joy of driving.
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